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A Growth Industry: Why an Insurance Agency Franchise Investment Could be a Savvy Move

Insurance Agency Franchise

Have you always dreamed of being your own boss? When you doodle during a phone call, do your sketches include possible venture ideas, thoughts on leadership structure and lists of ideas for growing your business into a successful enterprise? Are you willing to work hard to accomplish your goals?

If you answered yes to these questions, and have a genuine love for other people and a willingness to serve your community, investing in an insurance agency franchise is a great opportunity. The right kind of franchise – a proven winner with plenty of support available – will empower you to realize those dreams of entrepreneurship and running your own company.

What to look for in an Insurance agency franchise?

At Freeway Insurance, we are actively looking for self-starters to take advantage of our insurance agency franchise opportunity – a program that links you to an established insurance provider with more than 500 successful franchise locations across the nation, comprehensive business support that includes training and advertising and access to a wide variety of carriers and products.

The Insurance Market Investment   

Even as traditional insurance markets are undergoing some disruption due in part to the pandemic, the opportunity for innovative growth and change, digitalization, adding the human touch and new solutions continues to show encouraging progress in the insurance marketplace, according to Forbes magazine.

As the world and its markets rebound from unprecedented events over the last year, the insurance market is reflecting those changes – and is ripe for those who are not afraid to bring fresh ideas and a willingness to implement innovation as the owner of an insurance agent franchise. As Forbes magazine identified, new trends in the insurance agency market include:

  • Unique customers who are coming of age in a change world
  • Digital growth
  • A culture shift to reflect new ideas
  • Personalization

When you picture yourself as the owner of a successful insurance agency franchise, do you see yourself boldly implementing original and contemporary ideas that reflect today’s increasingly sophisticated world? If so, Freeway Insurance would like to talk to you.

Who Are We?

Freeway Insurance franchise consists of a large, diverse group of people who have a desire to be successful in their careers, while at the same time serving their communities. With more than 34 years of experience, we are among the largest of privately-held insurance distribution companies in the U.S. insurance market. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and have more than 5,000 English- and Spanish-speaking agents in more than 500 Freeway Insurance offices. We are a proud member of Confie, the largest, privately held insurance distributor in the United States. 

Want to know more about Freeway Insurance Franchise?

Because we offer multiple lines of insurance to our agency franchises – including auto, renters, motorcycle, life, watercraft and health – and a variety of insurance carriers, when you become a Freeway Insurance agent franchise, you can offer your community everything they need under one roof.

We’ll happily and freely share with you our established business practices, the practices that have enabled us and our agent franchises to be successful and thriving for so many years. We’ll hold nothing back in our commitment and guarantee to fully support our independent agency franchises for their ultimate success.

Our promise to our insurance agency franchises includes:

  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Marketing support
  • Sharing the secrets to our success
  • Access to the tools you’ll need

There’s more to what you’ll receive from us as an independent insurance agency franchise, but those are some of the basics. We believe in our franchisees and we show it! 

Who Are You?

It seems that people who want to be their own boss – and enjoy success and fulfillment at the same time – share some traits. Entrepreneur magazine blog writer Sujan Patel offered tips for budding franchise owners, including being willing to take risks and challenge themselves, while having a vision and putting in the time. 

At Freeway Insurance franchise, we are looking for people who personify the spirit of entrepreneurship … people who are resilient, know how to bounce back from stumbles and who welcome challenges. It’s not necessary to be a complete extrovert, but you should like people, be friendly and enjoy socializing. Successfully growing your insurance agency franchise will require the ability to meet your community and develop a loyal customer base that knows they can turn to you in times of crisis.

Understanding the needs of your community, being ready and willing to help fulfill those needs and caring about your fellow humans will go a long way to accomplishing your goals of successful entrepreneurship.

The Bottom Line

Taking the plunge into anything new is scary, but if you have the desire and the dreams – and the ability to work hard – you are more than halfway to a successful new career. At Freeway Insurance, we believe in you and we’ll put that belief into action.

The Freeway promise: Delivering the Best Cost, Choice, and Convenience to Our Customers is not just a string of words. If you are ready to explore your options as an independent insurance agency franchise owner, contact us today.

Let’s get started!


Ready to Open Your Own Freeway Insurance Office?

If you find the Freeway Insurance brand compelling and are looking for a flexible, well-supported business in a rewarding niche of the dynamic insurance industry, contact us.