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4 Reasons to Consider a Freeway Insurance Business Opportunity

4 Reasons to Consider a Freeway Insurance Business Opportunity

You might have heard of Freeway Insurance. If not, you’re certainly familiar with many of the brands we represent. That’s only one good reason to consider looking into this insurance business opportunity.

Let’s take a deeper dive.

Why Should I Explore an Insurance Business Opportunity With Freeway?

We can give you four leading reasons to point your career path in our direction, just to get you started.

You’ll Be Selling What People Want

No matter how good a salesperson you are, you can’t sell what you can’t get behind. You can’t go to market with inferior products and hope to stay in business for long.

That’s one of the first things you’ll appreciate about aligning your career with Freeway Insurance: the high-quality products you’ll represent from a portfolio of national and regional insurance brands your customers already know and trust.

One successful sale can set the tone for years to come. You might start with a teenager or young adult, selling them their first car insurance policy. So impressed are they by you and the insurance product you sell them that they later come back to you for renters insurance. Then homeowners when they buy their first home.

And they pass along your name to friends and family, making word of mouth your most important marketing tool.

We offer you a strong portfolio of name-brand products in life, auto, health, homeowners, and renters insurance. You’ll even be able to offer policies for such specialized needs as ATV, motorhome, motorcycle, snowmobile, windshield repair, and roadside assistance.

For your business customers, you’ll provide quality lines in landlord coverage, commercial auto, business insurance, and numerous other products represented by trusted brands.

The point is, at Freeway Insurance, we make it easy not only to get customers but to develop long-term customer relationships by offering only the best brands and products to meet every need.

You’re On Your Own (When You Want to Be)

Your Freeway insurance franchise business is your own insurance business. You’re your own boss. Your dreams and the decisions you make are yours alone. Your career path takes the direction you point it toward.

Those are very empowering words. But at Freeway Insurance, we recognize that there are times when the entrepreneurial life can feel pretty lonely. That’s why we’re here to provide guidance and direction when you need it and ask for it.

And that gets us to our next point.

Want to know more about Freeway Insurance Franchise?

We’ve Got Your Back

As we said, there are times when the lone business owner doesn’t want to be so alone. That’s one of the advantages of owning a franchise that is part of an established, successful — and success-oriented — operation.

Freeway Insurance is part of the Confie family of companies. As one of the nation’s largest privately held insurance brokerages, Confie insurance companies are known and respected by customers all over the country.

At Freeway Insurance, we’ve already done the hard work of creating a successful business model for the independent insurance agent. Our 500-plus franchise owners have been able to find success for their own terms, but always with our support. Always with the backing of an organization recognized for our attention to our franchise owners.

For every year since 2016, we’ve held the top spot in Insurance Journal’s ranking of Personal Lines Leaders. Our franchisees benefit from our attention to your customers via our Freeway Promise for Delivering the Best Cost, Choice, and Convenience to our Customers.

But first, we support you through an extensive training and certification program delivered both online and in the classroom.

We’ll Put You in a Franchise-Ready Market

Where would you like to do business? The Freeway Insurance agency franchise opportunity spans the nation, with locations opening up in only the strongest markets.

Take a look at our map of locations to see where we’re looking to establish an independent insurance agency franchise right now with your name on it. Each location has been carefully selected based on its market potential for the long-term success of you, our franchise business owner.

Take the First Step and Call Freeway Insurance

Are you ready to seriously consider an insurance agency franchise opportunity with Freeway Insurance? We’d love to hear from you. If you have commission sales experience in any field, you possess the specialized skills you’ll need here.

To learn more, call us at (877) 822-3024. Or fill out our brief online form. You’ll be contacted soon by our franchise team. We look forward to making you a valuable member of our entrepreneurial network of independent insurance franchise owners.


Ready to Open Your Own Freeway Insurance Office?

If you find the Freeway Insurance brand compelling and are looking for a flexible, well-supported business in a rewarding niche of the dynamic insurance industry, contact us.