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5 Reasons a Freeway Insurance Franchise Opportunity Might Be Right for You


An insurance franchise opportunity can be a great way to reach your professional goals. Here are 5 ways to tell if this exciting path might be right for you!:

1. You Are an Entrepreneur at Heart

If you are a professional who has gained a solid base of business experience and are itching to go out on your own, a Freeway insurance franchise opportunity might be right for you. Let’s face it; some people prefer the safety and security of working for someone else throughout their careers. They are just more comfortable with the idea of having other people make the biggest decisions and steer the ship. Then there are those who are entrepreneurs at heart. They love to work hard, but they are naturally more “hands-on.” They want to create their own vision and make it a reality instead of feathering someone else’s nest.

If you are financially qualified, ready to make an investment in your professional future and looking to unleash your energy in a new venture, an insurance agency franchise could be just the ticket.

2. You Know the Value of a Name When It Comes to Insurance Franchise Opportunities

You are an entrepreneur at heart, and you have also been around the block. You know that name recognition and years of experience are nothing to be overlooked, and no matter how great the “little guy” might be, going up against the “big players” can be tough. So why not choose the best of both worlds? With an insurance agent franchise through Freeway, you will have the name recognition and support of an established company behind you with the freedom to grow your own business and reap the rewards. With over 34 years of experience, Freeway Insurance is a proud member of Confie, the largest privately-held insurance distributor in the U.S. insurance market.

When you join Freeway as one of our franchisees, we provide virtual, classroom, and on-the-job training to help you get your franchise up and running. We also explain our products and services, marketing and sales programs, and our office operations. We provide our exclusive, confidential operations manual for all our franchisees to help you keep things running well and going strong.

The training we provide will give you a solid overview of the insurance industry and focus on high-risk insurance applicants and their specific needs. We support auto, renters, motorcycle, life, watercraft, and health insurance lines. Freeway prides itself on inclusivity with more than 5,000 English- and Spanish-speaking agents in Freeway Insurance offices throughout the U.S.

3. You Have a Sales Mindset

Does having a steady salary feel more like a limitation to you than a great career achievement? Do you like the satisfaction of providing a customer with just the right solution to their problem and making more money in the process? Does working for 100% commission invigorate you when it might scare others away? Then it sounds like you have a sales mindset.

Managing your own insurance agency franchise means going out and getting clients, keeping them, and then having them refer you to their friends and family members. It’s not for the faint of heart, but then pushing papers in someone else’s cubicle all day is a safe alternative that can provide you with less interesting work, less money, and less overall job satisfaction. If you know you will have to work hard to reach your dreams, why not work hard at something that will make you want to get out of bed every day?

4. You Ooze Customer Service

Is underpromising and overdelivering just how you think business should be done? Do customer service agents who don’t express genuine interest in your business and treat you with respect drive you nuts? If so, you have the level of appreciation for customer service you will need for an insurance franchisee opportunity. Having your own independent insurance agency franchise is the perfect opportunity to take your customer service skills to a whole new level while you build your business.

By having your own customers you will want to keep for years to come, you invest in your future and theirs. The wide array of insurance products that Freeway offers gives you the ability to make sure that all your customer’s insurance needs are met, which will provide them with the peace of mind they need while growing your business.

5. You Understand the Importance of Community in Insurance Franchise Opportunities

Our customers have diverse needs, from being able to get auto insurance despite a less-than-stellar driving record to needing renters’ insurance to life and health insurance, just to name a few. Your customers will be members of your community and will need the stellar customer service you can provide to them, which will keep them coming back year after year.

There are many different franchises from which to choose. With Freeway, in addition to being right in the neighborhood for current and potential customers, you can make yourself a trusted member of the community by meeting with customers face-to-face, networking throughout the area, and being more than just a toll-free number to them when times are tough.

Of course, this is the 21st century, and your website will be the initial portal for many of them to contact you. A strong social media presence can help to establish and maintain your insurance agency franchise as a well-known name in the community and a trusted partner for their insurance needs.

As a business-savvy professional, you already know that insurance is different from many areas of sales because trust plays such a huge part. For some purchases, you might be happy going with a generic brand to save money or buying from an unknown company because it’s handy, but trusting that you will end up okay if you are in a car accident is a whole different level of trust. By standing on the shoulders of the Confie brand and the Freeway name, you will have an automatic advantage over lesser-known companies.

You have the grit and hustle to reach for the stars. Let us help you with solutions backed by our trusted brand and established business model with your own Freeway Insurance franchise. Let’s get started!


Ready to Open Your Own Freeway Insurance Office?

If you find the Freeway Insurance brand compelling and are looking for a flexible, well-supported business in a rewarding niche of the dynamic insurance industry, contact us.