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Celebrating Latino Heritage: Hispanic Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Business Development Trend in 2023


Resilient, innovative, intelligent, fearless, and driven—These are all terms that apply to business leaders from any walk of life, but they symbolize the heart and soul of Hispanic entrepreneurs in particular.

After all, according to Stanford University’s 2020 State of Latino Entrepreneurship report, Latino entrepreneurs have outpaced the rest of the startup field by an impressive margin—34 percent compared to just 1 percent by all other small businesses!

Take a look at 5 of the most celebrated and famous Hispanic entrepreneurs of recent times. In some cases, they have innovated an entire industry in the process of creating their brand. They’re business development trendsetters. Anyone looking for inspiration to start their own business or franchise in 2023 need to look no further than this list.(*)

1. Cesar Millan

Almost everyone in America and beyond has heard of the “Dog Whisperer.” As a struggling immigrant from Mexico many years ago, life wasn’t always so easy for Cesar.

After moving to America, Cesar quickly became known for having a sixth sense of sorts for training and rehabilitating the behavior of dogs. Many people have gifts, but not all of them take full advantage of them the way Cesar did.

Once his reputation as an expert in his field became widely known, he successfully starred in his own reality television show for many years. Since then, he has written a book and continues to make public appearances where he spreads the word about how to get your dog—from Great Danes to Chihuahuas to follow your commands.

2. Annie Leal

Often, family is what inspires us most. In the case of Annie Leal, it was her dad who gave her the motivation to create something special when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Many Hispanic business owners are driven to sell products and services that link their heritage to their careers, which is exactly what Leal did.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Mexican culture, chamoy is a sweet and savory sauce, usually made with a high amount of sugar and sodium. It was a food that she loved to share with her father. After his diagnosis, however, she felt like this simple element of shared tradition was removed. So, she set out to change that…

Thus, her hugely successful product, “I Love Chamoy” was launched. Leal credits social media for the fast popularity of her product. Currently, she ships it across all of the U.S. and has plans to sell it in grocery stores soon.

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3. Rea Ann Silver

Twenty years ago, Rea Ann Silver launched her company Beautyblender. The original makeup applicator was created for all skin types, made in the USA, and made of completely water-soluble dyes. Little did Silver know that her beauty sponge would make her one of the most successful Latina entrepreneurs in the world.

Today, Beautyblender has sales of $150 to $200 million annually…all from one egg-shaped sponge. Actually, that’s not true. Take that sponge and add Silver’s passion, drive, and focus—that’s how you get to be where she is today. Who knows? You could be next.

4. Beto Perez

Are you a member of the Hispanic community who is gifted at anything creative or artistic? In other words, are you a great writer, painter, poet, musician, or dancer? If so, let Beto Perez be your inspiration as one of the many Latino entrepreneurs who has turned that gift into a multi-million-dollar business.

Perez is famous for creating the Zumba dance/health acitivty. With its combination of fun and fitness, Zumba has become a wildly successful business model with over 200,000 locations worldwide.

The phrase “successful beyond your wildest dreams” can get overused, but that’s not the case here. Perez has created a clothing line, videos, and a fitness empire worth $500 million.

5. Ramona Ortega

Known as the “Dinero Diva,” Ramona Ortega began with an idea to teach people of Hispanic heritage about wealth when she launched My Money, My Future in 2017.

Another avenue that often sets entrepreneurs on their path is a cause—something they’re determined to change. In Ortega’s case, her mission was to teach all women, including those of Latino descent, the ins and outs of the financial world. She wanted to tell the world, especially the underserved, how to solve their money problems. With that knowledge in hand, she hopes others will spread the word and create a network of higher financial awareness among minorities.

What Industry Will Provide an Opportunity for Hispanic Entrepreneurs in the New Year?

Not all of us can be the “Dog Whisperer,” invent a new dance/health activity, or the other famously executed entrepreneurial endeavors listed in this article, but 2023 can be the year you become the next great businessperson representing the Latino community.

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(*) Freeway doesn’t have any type of affiliation with Cesar Millan, Annie Leal, Rea Ann Silver, Beto Perez or Ramona Ortega.


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