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Brightway Franchise vs Freeway Franchise: Which Is the Best Option?

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If you’ve been considering purchasing an insurance franchise, it’s important to consider the differences between a Brightway Franchise vs Freeway Franchise. Each has specific benefits to think about, so as you decide where you’d like to make your investment, it’s wise to consider the features of each franchise opportunity. Let’s investigate these two options in a bit of detail while asking some important questions along the way.

How Many Locations Are Available to Purchase a Freeway Franchise vs. a Brightway Franchise?

If you’ve decided that you’d like to purchase either a Freeway Insurance franchise or a Brightway Insurance franchise, you’re in luck. Freeway has been operating since 1987 and has more than 500 locations across the United States, making it one of the largest insurance franchise opportunities available today. Brightway has been operating since 2008, has 318 franchise locations, and covers 25 states. Suppose your goal is to work with an insurance agency that is respected nationwide, offers affordable coverage to local drivers, and provides value to your customers. In that case, either franchise will provide you with a great option and has numerous locations available for you to do so.

What Products Will You Have to Offer Clients With an Freeway Franchise Compared to a Brightway Franchise?

If you opt to launch a Freeway Auto Insurance Franchise, you’ll have the option to sell your clients insurance policies for their automobiles, RVs and motorhomes, motorcycles, and classic cars. Freeway also offers commercial auto insurance policies as well as additional products such as roadside assistance, windshield repair, tire hazard protection, and more. This comprehensive lineup of products makes it easy to find the insurance that is right to meet the needs of your customers. Brightway Auto Insurance Franchises allow you to sell automotive, motorcycle, classic car, RV, and umbrella insurance policies, as well as roadside assistance services.

Which Franchise Offers a Bigger System and More Potential for Growth in the Industry?

As you compare a purchase of a Freeway Franchise vs. Brightway Franchise, another important element to consider is which company offers a bigger network for leads and has more potential for growth in the industry. Freeway provides franchisees with a protected territory, lead generation, and ongoing support while they get up and running. Freeway also provides you with access to numerous insurance carriers in the area, setting you up in an excellent position to care for your entire community’s insurance needs. Brightway helps walk you through their training process. They also state on their website that there are restrictions on where you’ll be able to sell their products, but they do not detail what these restrictions are and state that you’ll learn them during training.

Is Financing Available for a Freeway Auto Insurance Franchise?

As you make decisions about whether you’re interested in a Freeway Franchise vs. Brightway Franchise, it’s also essential to think about your financing options. Freeway Auto Insurance Franchises clearly discusses financing on their website, linking you directly to a page to apply. Brightway Franchises does not offer to finance for their less expensive franchising options and requires a large down payment to get started for the more expensive franchising options they provide. The ability to finance also depends on whether an individual is located in the state of Florida.

What Is the Contract Length for an Auto Insurance Franchise?

Whether you decide that you’d like to work with a Freeway or Brightway insurance Franchise, you’ll be signing up for an initial term of five years. After that, you can opt to renew this if you’d like, or you can speak to the agency about your options after your first five years with the company have passed. Either way, deciding to take out an insurance franchise is a five-year commitment.

Do You Need Auto Insurance Industry Experience to Purchase a Freeway Franchise vs. a Brightway Franchise?

As you decide on a Freeway Franchise vs. Brightway Franchise, it’s essential to know how much experience you’ll need to have before you can launch your new business. To launch a Freeway Franchise, you’ll need to be a business-savvy individual focused on building a franchise. To launch a Brightway Franchise, you’ll need a Designated Agency Principal to run the business.

What Are the Benefits of Owning an Insurance Franchise?

If you are comparing Freeway vs Brightway Insurance franchise opportnity, you should know that with both companies you will have the option to build your own business from the ground up, using the tools these companies provide you with. This means you aren’t limited by the salary of a traditional brick-and-mortar job and instead can earn as much as you’re able to with your own franchise. In addition, as your franchise grows, you’ll have the option to expand it, potentially hiring employees from your community. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to own an insurance franchise, it’s time to begin researching and deciding which auto insurance company you’d prefer to work with. Each company has specific benefits they offer franchisees, so the primary considerations are what works well for you, your financial situation, and your expanding business. Are you experienced in the sales industry? We provide a business model that’s fully functioning and helps us give you the tools and experience you need to hit the ground running with your own Freeway Auto Insurance Franchise. Have you been wanting to go into business for yourself for years but never knew how to get started? Then, it may be time to give it a go! Freeway support system will help you, even if you’ve never worked for yourself. If you have problems or questions, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. So get started with Freeway Insurance Today!