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Reasons Freeway Insurance Stands Out as a Business Opportunity

Best insurance franchises in us

Freeway Insurance provides customers with some of the best quality insurance franchises available on the market today. Individuals who are interested in owning their own insurance agency franchise opportunity can get started quite easily by working hand in hand with our company. These insurance business opportunities are a great option for individuals who’ve always wanted to run their own business but who weren’t sure where to begin.

These franchises are an excellent option for individuals who have always considered launching their own business, working on their own, or taking an entrepreneurial path. We offer assistance with all of the more difficult parts of launching your own business, including marketing, client support, and overall learning.

If you’ve been interested in launching your own insurance agent franchise, Freeway Insurance is happy to work with you to get you up and running. Freeway Insurance is known for providing our clients with some of the best quality insurance solutions, as well as a wide variety of value-added products. We’ve become one of the largest insurance distribution companies in the U.S. insurance market.

When you work with us, you’ll also gain access to our team for networking and learning. We maintain a dedicated team of over two thousand agents, as well as over 500 Freeway offices throughout the country. We’ve been a part of Confie, which is the biggest privately held insurance distributor in the U.S., since 2008.

There are numerous reasons Freeway Insurance stands out as an insurance business opportunity, including the following:

Franchises are Great for Self Starters

Individuals who enjoy setting up their own business, creatives, and entrepreneurs may enjoy running their own independent insurance franchise. If you like the idea of owning your own business, hiring your own employees, and making your own decisions about the way your company grows, a franchise may be a good option for you. You’ll have enough scheduling and lifestyle freedom to ensure creative happiness with the stability of franchise ownership.

Reduce Business Risks

Starting your own business can be risky. Reducing the risks can help make the process feel more secure. When you opt for a franchise opportunity with Freeway, you gain the support and training that we offer each of our franchise partners. We have the size and experience to perfectly support the location of your new franchise. In addition, because we’re backed by Confie, we’re able to dramatically reduce the business risks that you face, making a franchise opportunity quite different than launching an entire business from scratch. This makes getting started far less risky, allowing you to launch your business without much of the risk you’d typically face.

Marketing Support

Signing up for a Freeway Insurance franchise also allows you to enjoy the numerous types of marketing support that we offer. We provide a wide variety of insurance policies to our customers, ranging from basic coverage to premium, comprehensive coverage. We’re happy to support our franchise owners as they market these policies, making sure that they have the materials to do business to the best of their abilities on and offline. When you need some of the best marketing support in the industry, you can rely on us to help ensure your success.

Enjoy Working in a Client Based Industry

Insurance-based opportunities are, by their nature, client-based industries. If you enjoy working with individual customers and providing services, an insurance agency franchise may be right for you. You can work with clients on a case-by-case basis, helping them to find the insurance policies that are precisely right for their situations. Independent business owners who have a knack for sales, customer service or are looking to build community relations may find that they genuinely enjoy this type of work.

Be Your Own Boss

Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Launching your franchise allows you this opportunity. When you work with Freeway Insurance, you can decide on when you’d like to work, how you’d like to structure your hours, and how you want your business to function. Many components of your franchise are customizable, so as you get up and running, you’ll find that you have a great deal of daily freedom. Running a franchise allows you to truly be your own boss and set your business up the way that works best for you.

Built-In Customer Base

Launching a Freeway Insurance agent franchise often provides you with a built-in customer base. Instead of needing to build a client base from scratch, competing in a town where no one has ever heard of you, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize leads suggested by Freeway Insurance. In addition, you’ll gain solid name recognition. Potential insurance customers will know that they’re working with a name that they already trust, so they’re far more likely to make a purchase.

Business Assistance

We focus on providing franchise owners with solutions that are backed by experience. Our established business model has been working for years, and clients are highly familiar with our trusted brand. We’re happy to provide new insurance agent franchises with business assistance so that you can learn and grow as you launch your new franchise. These insurance business opportunities are designed to get you up and running quickly and effectively so that you can be successful.
When you join us for an insurance business opportunity and launch your own franchise, there are numerous benefits to enjoy. Freeway focuses on delivering the best choice, convenience, and cost to our customers. We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re able to fulfill these commitments at your own Freeway Insurance franchise.

Have you always wanted to launch your own franchise or start your own business? Contact Freeway Insurance today to learn more about how to get started. Give us a call at 877-822-3024. We’ll help you every step of the way.


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