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Why Investing in an Insurance Franchise in Oklahoma Could Be Life-Changing

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When investing in an insurance franchise in Oklahoma, the Sooner, the better…see what I did right there? Seriously there are many reasons to start a business of any kind in this great state. Most people already know it’s a big area for energy companies, rich in Native American history, and has the old “Mother Road” (aka Route 66) running through it. Besides those iconic pieces of America’s past and present, a few other things make this section of the southwest the perfect place to invest in your future.

A Tourist Destination

We already mentioned Route 66, which barely exists. Most of it is unpaved and unpassable, but some stretches from Illinois to California are still driveable and parallel the interstate. Unless you have a roadmap from the 1960s, you won’t find it, as the road has been decommissioned. Why not try something with a little more action?

Tulsa, for instance, is the second largest city in the Sooner state, with almost one million people calling it home. There are plenty of opportunities for savvy businesspeople to draw the attention of residents and tourists. A hidden culture gem, Tulsa has an excellent Arts District where fine art connoisseurs can visit an abundance of performance venues, galleries, and museums. This underrated area is also home to the Tulsa State Fairgrounds, which is used for various historical and cultural gatherings. This bustling metropolis proves that Oklahoma is about much more than being a cowboy.

Oklahoma City (OKC) is the state’s capital, with a population of over 1.3 million people. It’s loaded with tourist spots, including the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the Myriad Botanical Gardens, and plenty of world-class restaurants, cafes, retail establishments, and more for your comfort and enjoyment.

The Not-So-Delicate Sound of Thunder

If it’s a lot more action that you’re looking for, take a drive over to 100 W. Reno Drive in the state’s capital. That’s where you’ll find the Paycome Center, which is home to the area sports fans’ pride and joy. The Thunder are a high-flying, entertaining, and utterly competitive member of the NBA.

Never underestimate the power of partnering with a professional sports team to attract customers. If you can align your brand with theirs, you’ll draw some attention. Another pathway to success is to have a location close to the Paycom Center. Tens of thousands of fans flood the area on every game day or night. Opportunities abound! All you need to do is catch their attention.

The Thunder also helps local businesses in a more direct way. Located in the iconic Monterey Building of OKC, the Thunder Launchpad helps entrepreneurs succeed and promotes small businesses that call Oklahoma the home of their hopes and dreams. The space features an Innovation Lab that measures 30′ x 29′ and a conference room that is slightly smaller at 20′ x 13′. Both rooms feature large-screen televisions and technology to help bring your ideas to life. Additionally, a communal working space is perfect for the solopreneur, freelancer, or gig economy expert.

One thing is loud and clear—The Sooner State is ready for business!

A Rich Talent Pipeline

Another reason to explore a franchise for sale in Oklahoma is the rich talent pipeline. The government has training and job placement services available with nothing more than a phone call for the rock-solid individuals in the area looking for work. There’s even a nationally lauded service called the Training for Industry Program (TIP), specially designed to help new and existing companies recruit, hire, and train the people they need to succeed.

The government’s website also provides access to an employer portal with a job vacancy posting service. This allows access to a rich talent pipeline for anyone who invests in a franchise opportunity in this south-central state.

Franchises Already Thriving in Oklahoma

Large-scale incentives, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and energy costs more than 20% lower than the national average make Oklahoma an opportunity you don’t want to pass up. Take a look at some of the following franchise opportunities that are already thriving here.

Mosquito Squad

Every year from March through November, mosquitos swarm the Sooner State. “Fight the bite” is the perfect slogan for Mosquito Squad, a successful business that helps commercial and residential property owners keep their outdoor areas safe from mosquitos and ticks. The company’s profile states that expansion is among its primary goals going forward, and you could certainly benefit from that expansion.

Is fighting some of the tiniest creatures on Earth a glamorous business? Not really. However, it is still quite profitable. Nobody likes being bitten by mosquitoes and these little pests can ruin summer dinner parties and outdoor BBQs pretty quickly. The best part about being in this business is that these irritating little bugs aren’t going anywhere, so there’s always a customer. This is a decent option if you don’t mind working with bugs.

Mr. Appliance

Remember that old white refrigerator your parents had for seventy-five years? The one that just…chilled things? It didn’t make ice; It didn’t provide water from the door; It didn’t have a dual compressor or touch screen on the outside, and it certainly wasn’t smart. Fortunately for people looking for franchises for sale in Oklahoma related to appliance repair, that “dumb” icebox may no longer exist, but there are a variety of new appliances that can be repaired.

Today’s appliances, including stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, and more, are technologically advanced, which equates to repair abundance. The more technology you can cram into an appliance, the more problems it can have. Plus, an appliance repair business is lucrative because the demand for repairs is consistent and the cost of the services is typically low. Every entrepreneur likes selling a product with high margins. Enter the opportunity to make a living as an owner of Mr. Appliance. If you’re handy with electronics related to appliances or even willing to learn, this is a business that can scale.

Freeway Insurance Franchise

If bugs aren’t your thing or fixing broken appliances sounds intimidating, consider an award-winning insurance franchise in Oklahoma. Freeway Franchise is an ideal opportunity for those looking to get into the franchise and insurance business because it offers a low cost of entry, comprehensive training and support, and a recognizable brand name. Furthermore, it also has a proven track record for success, so you can count on being backed by a reliable and established business system.

Oklahoma is an excellent place for those looking to provide insurance coverage since the state is highly prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. Offering insurance here provides a steady and reliable customer base. Individuals, businesses, and organizations can all benefit from insurance, ensuring they are protected in the event of a disaster.

Are you a self-starter with interest in both customer service and community engagement? Then, investing in a Freeway insurance franchise might be the ideal opportunity for you. Contact Freeway Franchise at 1-877-3024 or complete our quick and easy online form today. Representatives are standing by to help you get started!


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