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Why Running an Insurance Franchise in Pennsylvania Is Destined for Success

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You don’t need to be a twenty-year veteran of the industry to own and operate an insurance franchise in Pennsylvania. In fact, all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of business.

There are many benefits to investing in a franchise instead of starting from the ground up, such as promoting an established brand, inheriting proven systems and processes, and receiving unlimited support. It’s a great model to do business in any state, but did you know that Pennslyvania offers some unique advantages?

Advantages to Operating a Business in Pennsylvania

In this article, you will learn all about the nuances of the Keystone State that make it a prime area for becoming a franchisee. If you’re still not convinced of that business model, we’ll discuss five franchises that are already having tremendous success. After that, you’ll learn about the opportunity that might be the best choice and why.

a. A Diverse Economy

Perhaps the biggest advantage the area has in supporting businesses is its diverse economy. Tourism booms every year with attractions like the Liberty Bell, Hersheypark, and an abundance of professional sports stadiums. People come flooding to various parts of the state every year looking to spend vacation dollars.

More than a tourist attraction, the region is bursting with agriculture. In particular, over $330 million and 425 million pounds of mushrooms are generated on average every year. Interestingly, more vegetable specialty products are produced here every year than any other place in the country.

So, that’s agriculture, and what else? Manufacturing and healthcare, just to name two more to round out the abundantly diverse economy. Several big companies like Aramark, Comcast, and Genesis Healthcare, among many others, provide jobs and a great place to call home. Any place that’s great to call home is also great to invest in one of the most promising franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania.

b. Public Transit Abounds

Light rail connects Pittsburgh’s downtown area with the many surrounding suburbs, providing easy access for residents to get to numerous city businesses and those that choose to exist just outside the big burgh.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia boasts busses, trolleys, and trains to get from place to place in the city of brotherly love. Even the smaller cities of Scranton and Harrisbug have convenient public transit available for people to get to work, shop, and gather.

c. A Foodie’s Fantasy

Pennsylvania is known for much more than the cheesesteak. Actually, that’s primarily a Philly thing. What happens when you’re in the bustling city of Pittsburgh or the state’s capital of Harrisburg? You get more culinary delights like Bae Bae’s Kitchen for Korean fan favorites and Burger Yum, which specializes in…well, burgers, of course. The fries are first rate, too.

With so many great places to eat, consumers are constantly venturing around the state’s downtown areas looking to spend their money in other ways. Open a business in any one of these locations and bring an appetite because you’re sure to want to grab a bite at least once in a while.

Existing Pennsylvania Franchises That Are Currently Thriving

If those advantages aren’t enough to convince you to consider buying one of the franchises for sale in Pennsylvania, maybe all you need is a little proof. The following are 5 franchises that are already doing well. Let’s read more details:

1. Central Bark

More often, we’re seeing businesses becoming dog friendly. It’s not uncommon these days to see a pet patrolling the local shopping district on its leash with their owner. Perhaps no business is more dog-friendly, however, than Central Bark.

If you’re a dog lover and an entrepreneur, this might be the perfect fit. Central Bark is one of the most successful doggie daycare franchises for sale in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country and is part of a growing $120 billion industry.

Central Bark may not be the best choice if you are strapped for cash, as you must have a net worth of $500,000 and be capable of investing almost $1 million.

2. PayMore

It may sound counter intuitive to name a business PayMore, but this company operates under the buy, sell, and trade model. If you’re a gadget geek, this is a great option. PayMore has recently seen increasing profits due to the rising popularity of used electronics. The company also claims to have a niche market with high customer loyalty.

Fees and initial investment are not an obstruction here, but the business dictates a strong knowledge of electronics and a genuine appreciation for retro gadgets. It’s not for everyone, but if that’s your vibe, go for it!

3. Anago Cleaning Systems

With many workers preferring to work from home, employers who want people on-site must maximize the aesthetics and comfortability of their offices. Anago Cleaning Systems is a commercial cleaning service that delivers professional cleaning and disinfecting in a germ-concsious world.

This business has been franchising since 1991 and is expanding rapidly as one of the more popular franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania. Royalty fees of approximately 10 percent might be a little high for some, but if cleaning is your thing, Anago might be a good choice.

4. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Since the COVID pandemic struck, people are always looking for sanitized environments in which to spend their money. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop attracts a dedicated following for their contact-free dumplings. This brings safety to a new level in food industry.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop uses automated kiosks to deliver hot, fresh, and delicious dumplings to their rabid fan base. The technology is a hot commodity (pardon the pun), so there is a rather steep investment involved, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to combine technology with a great product and the utmost in food safety.

5. Freeway Franchise

Some businesses come and go. Are we always going to need doggie daycare, used electronics, commercial cleaning, and automated dumplings? Maybe. Whereas those industries may be around in fifty years, insurance is definitely going to be around.

As stated in the introduction, you don’t need to be an industry veteran to buy into one of the best franchises for sale in Pennsylvania. In 2022, Freeway Franchise was ranked #1 Personal Lines Leader in Insurance Journal for the seventh straight year.

The company does not require a big investment, and it is willing to lend the power of its proven track record to smart and savvy entrepreneurs around the country to bolster its brand.

In Conclusion

If you would like to more information on how to buy one of the most promising franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania, contact Freeway Franchise today at (877) 822-3024 or fill out our quick online form. Either method will connect you to one of our expertly trained representatives who will help you get started as soon as possible. Opportunity awaits, so don’t delay!


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