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Have You Thought About Owning an Insurance Franchise in Utah?


For entrepreneurs looking to make a fresh start in 2023, owning an insurance franchise in Utah could be the perfect move to kickstart your career. Put aside those New Year’s resolutions. You can still make a positive life-changing decision in 2023 by fulfilling the professional dream to call the shots as a business owner in one of the greatest states in the country. First, find out about the distinct advantages to joining an insurance agency franchise, rather than “going on your own.”

Why Become a Franchisee Instead of a Solopreneur?

As a solopreneur, you’re a one-person show, which might sound great on the surface. After all, you make all the decisions without needing to consult anyone else. You also handle all the operations, take on all responsibility, put in all the cash, and accept all the risks.

While all that might sound good (or not), you can still be your own boss, but have support from a team of like-minded professionals by becoming a franchise owner. In this role, you get assistance in site location, assume the brand recognition of an already established company, have access to financing, acquire proven systems and processes, and much more. This business model provides all the satisfaction of being an entrepreneur without the “solo” part.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of buying into one of the franchises for sale in Utah, let’s talk about how the state itself offers some unique advantages for business owners.

Are There Special Attractions in Utah That Encourage Business Activity?

With an average snowfall of over 500 inches per year, Utah has become a prime destination for skiers of all abilities. From beginner to professional winter enthusiasts, people flock to the state to hit the slopes at Snowbird (a particularly challenging bear of a run), Park City Mountain (especially good for all levels), and Solitude Mountain (a “hidden” gem, pardon the pun) among other massively fun resorts.

Anywhere skiing is this abundant, so are consumers. Before and after traversing the mountaintops, skiers spend money on gas, food, gifts, and many other items. Take advantage of the natural byproduct of the area’s weather by selling your product or service to vacationers and residents all year round.

Another place where people are looking to spend money are those who regularly attend the Sundance Film Festival. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious movie gatherings, Sundance hosts approximately 100,000 attendees over the duration of its event. If you’ve already bought one of the Utah franchises for sale, target filmgoers with your business and you’ll likely have a highly successful 2023 and beyond.

Most people understand that the region is known for skiing and Sundance, but they might not know about its awesome area of natural wonder—Zion National Park. This land preserve is ripe with red rock, hiking trails, waterfalls, deep chasms, and even a hanging garden. Recently, the park has hosted around 5 million visitors in a calendar year. Now, that’s a special attraction that makes franchise opportunities in Utah more than worthwhile.

What are Some Franchise Opportunities in Utah That Are Already Doing Well?

The Beehive State (an often overlooked nickname) already has several franchises that are booming. But which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at three of the top choices.

Ranked as one of the top 10 educational franchises in the U.S., Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios is crafting culinary creations made by kids and enjoyed by everyone. If you think you understand children well and want to jump into a relatively new business model, this might be a great way to go. However, if catering (literally) to young minds seems cumbersome or exhausting, plenty of other choices are out there waiting to be seized.

Lashes are all the rave currently and will continue their popularity in 2023. People love to have long, swoopy, “Disney-esque” lashes. The Amazing Lash Studio is taking advantage of this skyrocketing trend. The initial investment in the business is not cheap, ranging from just under $200,000 to slightly over $500,000. Given the fact that the industry is relying heavily on a beauty trend, this may make that sum of money a riskier move than other industry choices. If you’re a risk-taker, however, and you believe in the lasting power of lashes, go for it!

If you’re looking for a company with a proven track record, great brand recognition, and a big presence all over the country, Freeway Insurance may be the company you’ve been waiting for. Franchise opportunities in Utah don’t get much better, as the company requires a relatively low initial investment and no industry experience other than a mind for business and a drive to succeed.

Contact Freeway Franchise at (877) 822-3024, or fill out our quick and easy online information form. A member of our expert staff will contact you shortly after. This could be the first step to making your entrepreneurial dreams come true!


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