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The Top 5 Reasons an Insurance Franchise Opportunity Might be Right for You

The Top 5 Reasons an Insurance Franchise Opportunity Might Be Right for You

There are multiple reasons that being the owner of an independent insurance agency franchise can fast-track your sales career. But it isn’t for everyone. You can gain a great deal of security and instant brand awareness, but you’re adopting someone else’s business model.

For many, the advantages more than offset the obstacles. They find that they can navigate a much faster route to success with the help of an insurance agency that has an established and proven track record.

So Why Should I Seriously Consider Owning an Insurance Franchise Operation?

A few of the main reasons for exploring insurance franchise opportunities with a successful insurance company include name recognition, the implied quality reputation, and the guidance you should receive from the operators of a winning operation.

Here, we consider five of the leading advantages of such a commitment in greater detail.

  1. You’ll gain expert guidance and ongoing support. Being an entrepreneur is about taking chances. It’s about having the self-confidence to put yourself out to the world and pave your own road to success. It’s also about steps and missteps. Falling down and getting back up again.

You’ll still do all of that as the operator of a successful independent insurance agency franchise. But you’ll have a map of the way forward, in the form of a business that has already taken that path, hit several of those road bumps, and figured out how to prosper.

As long as you recognize the franchise operator as being a successful and thriving operation, they’re worth following. You should have frequent contact with the franchisor and be able to regularly pick the brains of experts. Even after years of successful operation of your franchise, you should feel confident in receiving the sales, technical or other forms of support as you need it.

You’ll still make business mistakes, but only a fraction as many as you’d make if you hit the ground running while all alone.

  1. You’ve got a recognized brand opening doors for you. Your name means nothing to the recipients of your cold calls. IF you hand them a business card or send them a link to your website, your company name and logo are totally unfamiliar. You’re starting from scratch. You must first give them a long introduction to your company before you can even begin to serve their needs.

When your prospect knows the brand and its stellar reputation, that part of your job is done even before you meet them. That’s why brand recognition is one of the most appealing reasons for owning a franchise operation in any line of business that has achieved a position of respect in the marketplace.

  1. Your company affiliation will reassure your target audience. This point is piggybacking on the last major reason for considering an insurance franchise. If you owned a “nameless” fast food restaurant, some customers might take a chance on a hamburger from an unfamiliar brand.

But insurance is different. It’s supposed to financially protect your home investment, your car, or even your family-based on the value of your life insurance policy. Does that sound like something your target audience will risk if they don’t know you or your company?

That’s why being a part of a successful parent company is so critical when the subject is something as important as insurance.

  1. You’re adopting a winning business model. About one-third of small businesses with employees fail after two years, and half don’t survive five years. Success is hard as a small business owner, so you need all of the credible help you can get.

As the owner of a franchise operation from a successful insurance agency, you’ve let someone else do the hard startup work. If you’re aligned with an operation that has not only survived the last five years but has thrived for decades, you’ve let them pave the way and lead you forward.

If you had an almost endless amount of startup capital, you could confidently rely on trial and error. “Just do it,” as the slogan goes, and try something else if you fail. Fail and fail again until you get it right. So what if you lose money at a prodigious rate?

That probably doesn’t sound like your business startup model, though. Few, if any, new business entrepreneurs have an endless pot of cash fueling their dreams. The fewer errors you make, the better off you’ll be.

And that gets at the heart of one of the leading reasons for becoming an independent insurance agency franchise of a successful insurance operation: they will share with you their well-tested formula for success. It’s a model that has not only fueled their own success but that of perhaps hundreds of other franchise owners.

  1. Your franchisor’s marketing will pave the way forward. An established insurance agency has figured out how to get clients. They’ve created and launched successful marketing campaigns. They can actually present you with a customer base from the moment you hang your sign out the door.

This is another way that you’ll achieve a winning alliance with your new partner on past, current, and future marketing campaigns that draw the attention of your targeted audience like you could never do if you were on your own.

Okay, So How Do I Become an Insurance Agency Franchise Owner?

We suggest starting your search for rewarding insurance franchise opportunities with us. Freeway Insurance is part of the Confie family of companies. As members of one of the nation’s largest privately-held insurance brokerages, Confie insurance companies are known and respected by customers all over the country.

As a Freeway Insurance franchise owner, you’ll have a strong national brand and generous advertising support backing your efforts. We’ve earned a reputation and developed a business model that has led to important industry recognition. For instance, we’ve held the top spot in Insurance Journal’s ranking of Personal Lines Leaders every year since 2016.

And now we’re making a major push to add you and other talented sales leaders to our 500 Freeway Insurance locations throughout the U.S.

As a franchise operator for an independent insurance agency, you’ll have access to our large network of national and regional insurers, giving you competitive product lines to serve the unique needs of all of your customers.

But first, you’ll be trained extensively on the insurance industry and the operation of your own business. In all of these ways, you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to extend the Freeway Promise: Delivering the Best Cost, Choice, and Convenience to our Customers.

Don’t miss this chance to earn our full support in starting and growing your own Freeway Insurance franchise. All you need to do to begin the process is to submit a request to become a Freeway Insurance franchise owner. You’ll meet with a franchise team that will fully explain the opportunity and answer all of your questions.

Ready to Start?

Just take that first step by calling us at (877) 822-3024 or filling out our brief online form. You’ll be contacted soon by our franchise team. We’re eager to make you an integral part of our growing team of self-starting and highly entrepreneurial car insurance professionals.


Ready to Open Your Own Freeway Insurance Office?

If you find the Freeway Insurance brand compelling and are looking for a flexible, well-supported business in a rewarding niche of the dynamic insurance industry, contact us.